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May 17, 2011
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Final Art Project P 5 by MandyGameHouse Final Art Project P 5 by MandyGameHouse
This is my final art project for sculpture class. I tried to make a 2-D element 3-D. My original plan was to have a lot more three dimensionality and to have a much smaller frame, unfortunately I was too inexperienced and my time limit was too short in order to complete this project the way I originally planed. ;A ;

Each of the characters I drew digitally, printed out and then layered with a special adhesive in order to make them 'pop'. My father helped me carve and paint the wood for the frame.

There is so much more I can say about this piece but I wouldn't know where to begin! Feel free to ask me any and all questions. @w @

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Barbie Holiday Edition 2001 Belongs to the Makers of Barbie.
(She was out of the box! She would have rotted in the attic anyway! I'm still distraught that this barbie is out of her box...)
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